Importance of Regular Portfolio Review

You have worked hard at constructing your investment portfolio. Now, all you want it to do is to give you good returns. However, your work does not end at building your portfolio alone. Regular review is important because personal circumstances and markets are always changing. It’s also a chance to check that the portfolio is on target and whether or not it needs rebalancing

We know the value of your hard earned money and that inspires us to work that much harder to take care of your investments and make your financial journey fulfilling. Reviewing your portfolio with us can help you brush off these potential problems-

  1. Changes in economic trends:  Structural macroeconomic events warrant a review of your portfolio such as-
    1. Drastic change in long term economy
    2. Long term change in trends related to inflation, interest rates, credit ratings
    3. Valuation indicators such as Price to Earnings ratio and Price to Book Value to arrive at ideal asset allocation for equity investments
  2. Changes in personal circumstances:
  • As you move ahead, your financial goals change. Factors like changes in the standards of living, addition of financial dependents lead you to add, alter or drop certain goals.
  • For example, if you started your financial planning at 25 years of age, you might not have planned your goals related to children’s education, their marriage, your travel aspirations, post-retirement life and more.
  • Hence, the mutual fund portfolio needs to be revisited and realigned to include the new and updated goals.

Get your portfolio reviewed with our highly insightful team for your portfolio review and add value to your investments.

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