Quantitative Trading

Quantitative Trading

An Asset in itself, presented by Tradescience

  • Protect your portfolio when the market is in turmoil
  • Exploit the market’s irrationality with strict discipline
  • Don’t let emotions stop your portfolio growth
  • Agility is important in the modern economy

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Quantitative Trading

With Quantitative trading, we do the heavyweight number crunching for you. We make use of our in house mathematical computations to find market anomalies and exploit them to squeeze out returns.
With Tradescience, you can count on consistent outperformance while keeping a close eye on the risk profile. Our quant-based strategies aim to deliver returns like a high-risk asset (such as equities) and control volatility like a low-risk asset (such as bonds).

Remove Behavioral Biases

Quantitatively defined strategies keep human emotions as far as possible from your portfolios.

Market Timing Benefit

Backed by historically backtested performance, we help your portfolio stay agile by being on the right side of growth, be it negative or positive.

Stand Out From The Crowd

We work tirelessly to bring you the solutions only a few know or have explored, giving you an edge over others.

Portfolio diversification:

Systematic trading is an invaluable asset in itself. Trade science has partnered up with iVentures to offer the benefits of disciplined trading.

With low correlations to the majority of investable assets available in the financial market, we can greatly reduce risk weight on the portfolio which largely increases long term outperformance.

Pre-defined Rules:

Trading or investing out of emotions are the greatest wealth destroyer investor face. Systematic trading gives the ability to backtest performance during historical market conditions.

Tradescience works with its clients to improve their systems overtime to keep the probabilities in our favour. Having pre-defined rules helps us stick to our guns during rainy days and have the discipline to wait when probabilities are not in our favour.

Calculated risk management

Being profitable in the financial markets is all about managing risk, which is reflected in our low-risk tolerance – 10% of the portfolio at worst.

Knowing when to leverage up or leverage down is not an easy task. Here at iVentures, we have built up our principles as such that we don’t like to be surprised by what the financial world brings.

From negative asset prices to huge up moves in the market during troubled times, we acknowledge that anything is possible in the market. Tradescience has successfully built systems that incorporate risk models.

These risk models work as blueprints for calculating when and how much aggressiveness should we be trading with.

Quick-Witted/Agile Actions:

Arguing with the facts goes against our principles here at iVentures. Our systems can hold a particular trade from hours to months.

Having such flexibility in our time horizon allows us to not only quickly cut short our losers but also squeeze out as much profit as possible from huge winning trades.

Risk Assessment

Alpha Generation:

Allocation to assets such as bonds, equities, etc. can offer opportunities to outperform by building robust portfolios in such a way that the portfolio stands unshaken during market turmoil.

On the other hand, Tradescience has proven successful at building systems that gain from market turmoil by exploiting the market’s irrationality.

With us, you can count on winning when everyone else is losing, in other words, we can offer you the opportunity to gain crisis alpha.

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