Investment Strategy for

Business Owners

We enable you to create
your own financial destiny

We help you in:

  • Goal based Asset Allocation
  • Wealth Management and Financial Planning
  • Leading a Debt-Free life
  • Increasing Net-Worth and much more.

Wealth Planning Methodology

Goal based Asset Allocation

Optimum Asset Allocation for balance risk and reward by dividing money between different asset classes – cash, debt and equities.

Disciplined Fund Selection

We ensure investors maximize their wealth, considering returns after taxes and inflation.

Customized Debt Free Strategy

We monitor your debt and make customize strategy according to situation to ensure that you can lead Debt Free Life.

Timely Fund Review

We constantly fine-tune our thoroughly tested methods in order to create better portfolios and to ensure that we continue to perform at our best.

Steps to Create
Investment Strategy for Business Owners

Successful wealth planning isn’t about market timing or “gut feeling”, it’s about delivering to your objectives by planning and preparing you for the investment journey through our coaching. At iVentures Capital, we help you manage your wealth to preserve its value for generations. Our focus is to deliver positive real return at the most optimized level of risk. We adopt a hybrid allocation approach where we parallelly consider the asset allocation based on economy and your future needs.

Step 1 - Understanding Needs and Setting Goals

First and Foremost thing, which most investors fail to understand is, to sat a Goal for  investment. We believe every goal is different, so should be the journey and the vehicle used to reach there.

We provide a comprehensive suite as listed below:

  • Direct Equity
  • Derivatives
  • Mutual Funds
  • Fixed Income (Government securities)
  • Alternative Investment Funds

Step 2 - Wealth Management and Financial Planning

At iVentures Capital, we help you manage your wealth to preserve its value for generations. Our focus is to deliver positive real return at the most optimized level of risk. We plan for all the 3 W’s of wealth – Wealth Creation, Wealth Preservation and Wealth Transfer.

Our financial planning services include:

  • Investment advice
  • Tax planning
  • Goal Based financial planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Cash management

Step 3 - Leading a Debt-Free life

Coming out of Debt is one of the foremost mission to the Goal of becoming Financially Free, to nurture your wealth and build legacy, iVentures Capital offer strategies and plans which will help you get out of debt cycle in an efficient way.

A Business Owner in his thirties may have different goals than a Business owner in his forties, he may be willing to take more risk, have more time and may have a different set of debt cycle.

Hence we device a customized strategy for you according to your needs and goals.

Step 4 - Increasing NetWorth

Net worth is simply the difference between the value of what you own—your house, retirement funds, investment accounts, checking account balance, etc.—minus such liabilities as the mortgage, credit card debt and so forth

Your net worth can speak for you and establish you as a prominent player in your sector, but it is simply a way to gauge your own financial success. Many calculate their net worth and came to the conclusion that it is in need of a revamp, yet improving it can seem very difficult. However, it only requires some guidance, a little willpower, and a lot of patience.

Risk Assessment

Step 5 - Cash Management

iVentures Capital successfully manages idle funds of individuals, families and SME’s in the most tax efficient and safe manner. We can help you manage your idle funds be it personal or business funds in more tax effective and liquid manner with better returns.

Manage your emergency funds and idle business funds over weekends/holidays with cash management solutions from iVentures Capital through liquid funds.

Step 6 -Separate Business and Personal Wealth

Company’s Finances must not be managed Casually. There are expenses that are carried for satisfying our wants and needs that are of personal nature and does not result in any incremental revenue.

Many Business Owners blend their Business finances with their personal finances, under the assumption that it will all come back to them in the end anyway.

As accurate as that may be, there are some key benefits to separating your business and personal finances, therefore, separation of both these expenses is a very necessary exercise.

NRI Investments

Step 7 - Protecting Family from Business Liabilities

Careful planning puts ahead in the long run, this very belief calls for seperation of personal and Business Wealth, take cues & plan for future. As a business owner, you probably realize that operating and owning a business can be prone to pitfalls and risks.

Protecting your business from claims and lawsuits, is as important as genertaing profits.

Debts and mortgage obligations to third parties and vendors, claims for damages caused by your employees, product or professional liability, and consumer-protection issues are just some of the risks you must deal with.

These risks could result in the loss of both business and personal assets, if not handled properly.

Step 8-Alternative Investments (AI) & Portfolio Management Services (PMS)

As a part of offering to our family office & HNI relationships we provide access to AI and PMS avenues. We believe a careful allocation in them for qualified investors can expand the horizon and provide the right diversification and reduce volatility.

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