We enable you to create

your own financial destiny


We enable you to create
your own financial destiny

We help you find the right answers:

We analyse AI & PMS

Private equity
Private fixed income opportunities
Arbitrage opportunities
Moat Investing
Special Situation Investing
Absolute return strategy (Long short)

Alternative Investments & Portfolio Management Services (PMS)

As a part of offering to our family office & HNI relationships we provide access to AI and PMS avenues. We believe a careful allocation in them for qualified investors can expand the horizon and provide the right diversification and reduce volatility.

Portfolio Management Schemes (PMS)

An average equity mutual fund portfolio has about 40-50 stocks in it, which in a way dilutes the purpose of active investing as there returns tend to more or less a mirror of the broad index. In the midst of this setback, Portfolio management schemes give investors an access to a more concentrated portfolio, that can be customised to the extent of incorporating alpha generating strategies.

Alternative Investment Funds (AIF)

A rapidly growing investment vehicle among HNI’s AIF’s provides the access to the non-conventional investment strategies like: Private equity, Ventures Capital, Private debt etc. With a framework that is governed and regulated by Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).

Beyond stocks and bonds, AIF’s as a platform helps you diversify your portfolio through its low correlation with these traditional investment avenues.

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